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- CTA Liberty - Spanish Book Club - DLI

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Enrichment 20-21

Program Name: Lecturitas – Spanish Book Club

Instructor Name and Position in the school district: Eliane Lopez-Doty 2nd Grade Spanish Teacher

Are they Certified or Non-Certified: Certified

Program Description: Our Spanish book club is an exciting way to engage students with authentic Spanish books and children’s short stories. In each session, we will read and discuss authentic material relevant to language and culture. This club has been designed for DLI students and Spanish speakers.

Grades Levels of Students (Min and Max): K thru 4th Liberty Students

Start and End Date Program: 10/29 thru 12/10 (revised dates 9/25)

Time and Days of the week: Thursdays 2:45 to 3:35 pm

Location (School and Room/Area): CTA Liberty, room 10.

Cost per Participant: $115

Registration Min/Max number of Participants: 8 to 15.

Program Contact Info (Name and Email): Eliane Lopez-Doty

20-21- Spanish Book Club Closed

  Eliane A. Lopez Doty

Thursdays, Oct 29 - Dec 10
2:45 - 3:35 PM

  No Class Nov 26


Grades   K - 4th

Price: $ 115 00

Online registration is over