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Club CUSD Enrichment
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About Club CUSD Enrichment

Welcome to Club CUSD Enrichment program offered by CUSD approved organizations/vendors. Our goal is to provide fun and quality educational classes year-round for students of all ages.

Our vendors/organizations specialize in a variety of areas such as sports, science, technology, drama, music, and standardized testing preparedness for SAT & ACT. With this partnership, we are able to offer over 250 classes each semester. Most classes are available after school, however we have a few programs that are offered before school, in the evening, Saturdays, and during fall, spring and summer breaks.

Other vendors not listed below are:  Activstars, Athletes in Training, Girls on the Run, One Team Lacrosse & Prime Time Athletics.

Current Club CUSD Enrichment registrations: All classes have been canceled for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Partial & Full refunds are being processed. Thank you for your patience!  

Featured Courses

  • Science Matters

    Tabletop Catapults: Throw things...really, really, really far with catapults, trebuchets, and cannons in this half day camp. Build a working tabletop wooden trebuchet to start an exploration of Newton's Laws of Motion, create games with the mini Basketball Catapult, float Flying Frisbees through the Firmament on our Science Matters Golf Course. Take some terrific target practice with a marshmallow gun. We’ll have things whizzing around the classroom for the whole camp. The Invention Convention: A half day camp for all inventors – test the steadiness of your hand with your own Nerve Tester, make a set of Monster Jaws, go mad with Pinball Madness. Make Art with a Computer (not the way you think). Show off your crazy skills in the Engineering X Challenge, a daily series of team and individual challenges that apply creativity and engineering skills. Have Hammer; Will Travel. Join the Crazy Inventors Collective. All classes are non-refundable. For extenuating circumstances processing and attendance fees apply.