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Chandler Sports League
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About Chandler Sports League

The Community Education Department is excited about the opportunities to reach our community through traditional and non-traditional recreation sports. Chandler Sports League offers soccer, basketball, flag football, cheer and volleyball for K - 6th grade throughout the school year. Our purpose will be to provide high quality events, leagues, clinics, and tournaments to better serve our CUSD community. The Chandler Sports League focus on FUN and TEAMWORK with a fast and energetic atmosphere. 

As we gear up for another exciting year with our Chandler Unified School District’s Programs, we wanted to take a moment to outline our expectations to ensure a positive and successful experience for all participants. Our focus remains on creating a safe, encouraging, and respectful environment that fosters growth, teamwork, and personal development for our students.

1. Communication and Concerns:

If you have any concerns or questions about the program, we encourage you to reach out directly to our Chandler Sports League Site Lead, Jack Gesicki, at Open communication is essential to addressing any issues promptly and effectively.

2. Social Media Etiquette:

We kindly ask all participants, staff, and parents to refrain from posting negative comments or content related to the Cheer Program on social media. If you have feedback or concerns, please follow our established communication channels, and discuss them with Jackie, at Let's ensure that our online presence reflects the positive values and goals of our program.

3. Positive Environment:

We emphasize the importance of treating all students, staff, and parents with respect and kindness. Yelling at students or any form of physical contact that might be perceived as harmful or disrespectful is strictly prohibited. Let's work together to build each other up and inspire our students to shine.

4. I understand that CUSD Enrichment & Site staff/coaches reserves the right to withdraw my child(ren) due to continuing behaviors that present a danger to self or others or any other violations of school or department policies.

5. I understand that CUSD CSL Site staff/coaches reserves the right to withdraw my student due to my(parent's) behaviors that presents a danger to self or others or any violations of school or department policies.

Cheer registration is site specific for students of that designated school only.

Please note no refunds!                                                                

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