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Enrichment Programs
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About Enrichment Programs

Different Enrichment programs such as Drama Class, Media Class, Robotics, Math Club, Spanish Club, Steel Band Club and many other options are held throughout the Chandler School District in a variety of Schools. Look to see what your school is offering. Please note cancellation of enrollment will require a processing fee and teacher approval.

Featured Courses

  • Riggs Dodgeball Tournament

    Please read entire page- Riggs Dodgeball Tournament Instructor Name and Position in the school district Stacy Torres Sher, Theresa Nally, Sara Marianella, Cameron Estrella (all teachers at Riggs) Are they Certified or Non-Certified: Certified Program Description: Students will play in a one-day dodgeball tournament with a team of 5 they created. Grades Levels of Students (Min and Max): 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th (no max) Start and End Date Program: Tuesday, May 21st Time and Days of the week: Tues… tournament starts at 3:15, finish time TBD depending on number of teams. I will let families know after last day of registration Location (School and Room/Area): Riggs MPR Cost per Participant: $30 per person Program Contact Info (Name and Email): Stacy Torres Sher -Special Instructions: - Turn in team registration form to MRS. NALLY with ALL 5 receipts (1 per player) stapled to it by Friday, May 17th. -TEACHERS DO NOT CREATE TEAMS -5 players per team -Students MUST attend Riggs -1st/2nd grade students can combine, 3rd/4th grade students can combine, and 5th/6th grade students can combine -Each team guaranteed at least 2 matches. Double Elimination. -Students cannot play on 2 different teams. -ONLY students who are registered for the event will be allowed in the gym. – No spectators -Parents will need to pick-up their student when the tournament is over. End time of tournament TBD based on registered number of teams.
  • Summer Cheer Camp

    Summer Cheer Camp Program Description: Summer cheer camp held at Rice Elementary Grades Levels of Students (Min and Max): 1st-5th Start and End Date Program: June 10th- 13th Time and Days of the week: Mon-Thurs. 8:30-11am Location (School and Room/Area): Rice Elementary MPR Cost per Participant: $150. Program Contact Info (Name and Email): Jayla Jarrell